Woohoo! I survived the first week of grad school.


The highlights of last week include :

  1. numerous brain-wracking discussions on controversial topics: gender, disability, racial…etc. These discussions were so intense and calorie-burning that I often felt hungry during the break.
  2. constantly reminded that we are working as a closely related cohort–everyone is contributing to the class.(don’t let the anxiety get in the way.)
  3. impressed by my colleaues’ diversity (taught in Italy, New Zealand, Turkey. From Florida, Indiana, Georgia, DC, California, Missouri )
  4. discovered a bunny on my way home.
  5. Tried out layered beer and found I perferred cidar to Guinness.
  6. kicked off my writing project.

Inspiring Quotes from readings:

creating a caring without critique discourse that sounds good, feels good, but unfortunately accepts the status quo that is regidified in our institutions.

no amount of caring -if it’s not linked to some possiblity of change- is going to dismantle the foundations.